What’s your retirement dream? Is it roaming the country in an RV? Frequently traveling abroad to see the sights you missed during your career? Or, maybe, it’s a second home near the grandkids?

Whatever it is, the more important question is: Are you preparing in the right way to reach that dream?

By having confidence that you are on track to reach your financial goals, you should benefit by having more peace of mind along the journey to reach your financial destination.

Our financial planning process starts with a conversation where you’ll tell us about the investments you have, what insurance you’ve taken out and any estate or income tax planning you’ve done. For you to have the peace of mind we know you want, we approach financial planning from three distinct angles:

Where are you now? 
The answer here provides a snapshot of your current situation. We never want to give financial advice without understanding the full picture. Look for us to ask about your purpose in life, your health situation, your passions and interests, and your financial performance to date.

Where do you want to be? 
This is the fun one and where you get to dream big. This stage is usually about retirement, so will you be road tripping coast to coast, hitting the links at the local country club or volunteering at your favorite nonprofit? 

What are you doing to get there? The occasional dose of reality. This can be as simple as choosing to retire later, save more or spend less. We’ll talk you through what matters most to you and collaboratively roadmap a plan for getting there.

Evergreen has experienced advisors to help you make decisions about your financial future. In addition, we lean on our firm’s access to meaningful data to help us with product selection. But because financial planning is a commitment, and not a one-time transaction, here are some other questions you can expect us to ask:

  • Does your plan cover major events in your life?
  • Are you involved with organizations where charitable giving could make a difference in the world?
  • Have you optimized the transfer of your wealth to your heirs?
  • Do you want to establish a legacy for future positive affect?
  • Are you interested in socially responsible investing?


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