Good chefs understand that the secret to a great spaghetti dish is about more than just al dente pasta. Onion and parsley may be key ingredients in the sauce, but, if you’re unaware that it’s really all about the tomato and basil, you’re in trouble.

Asset management is a little bit like cooking in that it requires all of the client’s assets to work together, blending and complementing one another to get the most out of each individual component. 

We begin with a deep dive

Evergreen’s asset management services include a deep dive into all of your assets. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, investments, real estate holdings, business holdings, life insurance, future earnings, all of it. It’s all included to achieve these three key objectives:

  • Understand and manage overall portfolio risk
  • Create more reliable investment forecasts
  • Improve the risk/return of your portfolio

Together, we’ll build your portfolio

Our client-first culture means that you’ll be an active participant in the process. We can tell you everything you want to know about financial products, but only you know what you hope to achieve with them. Together, we’ll build a portfolio that could include:

  • Individual stocks and bonds
  • Open-end mutual funds
  • Exchange-traded funds
  • Closed-end funds
  • Separately managed accounts
  • Real Estate
  • Private offerings for accredited investors

Everything we do is in your best interest

The client’s best interest is at the center of every decision we make, which is why we’ve focused on a few unique strategies that you may not find at other firms:

  • Householding – When clients come in with disparate accounts (like a joint account, two IRAs and two Roth IRAs), we look at the totality of those accounts and create one portfolio — positioning the assets and securities where they best fit. Not only does this save money for our clients, but it also helps them to build wealth.

  • Tax loss harvesting – We’ll review your portfolio regularly to identify assets that aren’t performing up to the standard we know you expect. For those that aren’t, we sell and replace the asset with something that is relatively equal. In doing so, you’ll gain tax benefits without changing your portfolio’s structure.

  • Active, passive, & beta strategies – The supremacy of one school of thought over the other is indeed a worthy debate, but we employ all strategies in the optimal situation for each one. Passive funds make no attempt to beat the market, but simply track an index, with low cost and minimal tax implications. Active strategies use managers to pick individual securities, attempting to beat the market index. Beta strategies employ quantitative and qualitative screenings in a kind of hybrid blend. We employ each strategy in the sectors in which they are most effective.

  • Core satellite – Portfolios are constructed with core assets that include passive funds, with additional satellite positions that add exposure in areas where active managers and beta strategies consistently outperform with a great enough magnitude to compensate for the added cost. Depending on market cycles, we’ll fluctuate the size of your core to have you take advantage when times are good and insulate you when they aren’t.

  • Strategic allocation with tactical tilts – Strategic allocation employs a static asset allocation, while tactical changes at frequent intervals in hopes of enhancing returns. At Evergreen, these are not opposing mechanisms; rather, they are tools that we use in tandem. Like a ship at sea, we set a clear course that will get you to your destination. But if the course could be modified so as to encounter favorable winds or to avoid a storm, the ship will follow a slightly different path. Our portfolios are built with a long-term plan, but with enough flexibility to seize opportunities along the way.

For clients with a higher risk tolerance, we might even suggest short-term assets, option strategies or alternative investments like managed futures, private funds and tax shelters.


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