Our Firm


We believe all wealth management plans are local. Meaning, they’re specific to you and your life, your goals, your family. Everything we do is customized for you.


As an independent firm based in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, we operate in 24 states across the country and help a full spectrum of clients who live in various locations and are at various stages of life.

What We Do 
As Investment Adviser Representatives of Commonwealth Financial Network®, we create, implement, and manage strategies and plans designed to help you reach and sustain your financial goals so you can live your best life. 



"We spend a lot of time working and developing appropriate financial plans that really capture where you are now, and building financial models to forecast where you’ll be in the future, based upon an accurate understanding of your current situation and your desired outcomes.


Whether you’re a family starting out, or you’ve achieved success in your career, or have started your own business — our work together really gains profound impact when it’s time for  transition — whether that’s selling your business, or transitioning to retirement."

— Andrew Harris, Founder and President


Our Approach 
Our approach is a little different. When you work with Evergreen, you’re working with a dedicated ensemble of wealth management and investment advisors who act in your best interests with no obligation to promote proprietary products or strategies. We’re known for taking a personal approach to wealth planning. We build a relationship with you and connect you with the resources we've cultivated over the years. 

The Benefits Of Independence
Our commitment to always putting your interests first is evident in every aspect of our business. We’ve chosen to partner with Commonwealth Financial Network, an independent broker/dealer with a 30-year history of focusing solely on the needs of affiliated advisors and the clients we serve. 

Our Firm