Lifecycle Planning for a Solid Risk Management Foundation

Evergreen Wealth Solutions StaffThe experts at Evergreen Wealth Solutions can help you plan and take control of your future through Lifecycle planning. Knowing the fundamentals and using these tools gives you and your family the ability to avoid potential risks that are common to particular stages of life. Identifying these building blocks that provide a solid foundation for your financial future. The building blocks are:
  • Implementing a Budget
  • Building Emergency Reserves
  • Insurance
  • Retirement Savings
  • College Savings
  • Estate Planning


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Know Your Net Worth

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9 Key Reasons Net Worth is Important

Your net worth is good indication of your overall financial health.



Personal Financial Statements

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How to Write a Personal Financial Statement

Similar to a company’s financial statements, a personal financial statement can help you assess your financial health and assist you in budget planning.


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Lifcycle First Approach

Our Journey to a Client-First Approach

It’s not every day you walk into the office of a financial planning firm and find a team that’s approachable, local and capable.

Our clients often face the dilemma of having to choose between a local advisor who is friendly and available, but lacks sophisticated investment tools and products.

Evergreen is the sweet spot that checks both boxes. We love our slice of Pennsylvanian paradise and want to provide you with peace of mind and the trust you need in a financial partner.

You deserve more. Our family is prepared to guide yours into the future.


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