Our Approach

We believe the Evergreen approach to financial planning sets us apart from other financial advisory firms. Our team works to optimize your current assets to help achieve your goals while taking into account your unique lifestyle and situation.

Everything we do is driven by our striving for a level of excellence and being relationship and outcome focused, not transaction oriented.

Evergreen Difference


Always Fiduciaries. Everything Done in Your Best Interest

As a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA), we are fiduciaries, both by law as well as our firm’s philosophy. This means we put our client’s best interests first at all times. It’s not only what we’re legally obligated to do, it is a core piece of Evergreen’s philosophy.


Truly Custom Financial Plan


Truly Custom Financial Planning

At Evergreen, a comprehensive financial plan must take into account your:

  • Long term goals
  • Income needs now and into the future
  • Legacy planning
  • All asset classes including real estate, pensions, and social security
  • Future estate and income taxes


Socially Responsible Investing


Specialists in Responsible Investing

More than ever, we hear from clients that they want to know how and where their money is being invested. We provide access to a variety of socially responsible investment options available in a way that makes sense for your situation. With this option, clients can invest in a prudently diversified portfolio without sacrificing personal values or convictions.


Evergreen Wealth Solutions Staff


A Team with Deep Experience and Expertise

Our team is sophisticated, approachable, and experienced. Our Advisors average more than 20 years of financial services industry experience. They have experienced a wide array of situations in working with many differing client circumstances over their careers. Evergreen Advisors leverage their own industry experience as well as that of other specialized third party experts in areas from asset management to estate planning to craft the right solution for you.


Evergreen Services


Comprehensive Services Under One Roof

We coordinate your financial plan with estate and tax planning, insurance planning, and legal oversight. Our advisors have a broad range of direct financial industry experience as well as vast networks that can benefit all of your financial decisions.


No Conflicts of Interest


Putting Your Interests First

Evergreen never offers proprietary mutual or hedge funds. We avoid conflicts of interest by offering only suitable investments where our compensation is transparent and in the open. We believe advice should be independent and objective and that our Advisors shouldn’t have conflicting incentives in the recommendations you receive.


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Dedicated Advisors and an Ensemble Team

You receive a dedicated advisor who will, with your collaboration, oversee all aspects of your financial plan. Our advisors leverage our ensemble team of experienced representatives along with more than 100 industry professionals at Commonwealth Financial Network and other key knowledge leaders to provide you with thorough and meaningful advice and solutions.




Simple and Transparent Compensation and Fees

Evergreen never receives hidden fees or commissions on your investments. It’s our promise to you and is just one of things that makes us different than other financial planning firms. In addition, we structure management fees so we’re on the same side of the table as our clients and are motivated to succeed together with you.


What it Means to Be a Fiduciary


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