Business Transition Readiness Survey

Few people outside of owners understand how hard you’ve  worked to build a successful business. Planning a transition to your next challenge in life can be daunting. 


Experience More Insight. 

More insight into business transitions from our experienced team, starting with this valuable survey to help you discover where you are in this process.

Tell us about yourself and your business.

How essential is the value of your business to your future financial health?

Do you have a good estimate of your financial assets outside your business value?
How much of your wealth is represented by your business?
Where are you with your business transition planning?
What are your sources of income outside of your business?
What are your saving habits?
Where are you with your debt loads?
Do you have a trusted and skilled partner to help you plan your financial future?
Where are you with your after-sale investment planning?
Is your insurance planning adequate?
What will your life look like after the sale of your business?
Are you able to enjoy time off from your company?
Who will be your company's future owners?
What is your company's recent growth history?
What is your attitude toward your company at this time?
Where are you with your legal and tax planning?