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Sturdy. Enduring. Perpetual. Sustainable. Lasting.

These are the words that resonate for us as who we are at Evergreen Wealth Solutions and why we chose our name. An evergreen stands ready from season to season, only changing its leaves or needles of the past season when the new of the coming season have been completely formed.

Seasons change for our clients, too.

Like our namesake, we protect and preserve your assets. When it’s time for a new generation to take over your family business, or if you’re a soon-to-be retiree ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor — we analyze and implement strong changes to your wealth management portfolio to help you achieve your financial goals.

At Evergreen, we're rooted in our community. Based in northeast Pennsylvania with offices in Williamsport and Towanda, we live in an area once known as the “Lumber Capital of the World.” 

We draw purpose from our rich heritage and feel drawn to be outdoors in our free time. Each of us at Evergreen Wealth Solutions is a nature enthusiast — hiking, biking, running, sports — it’s a commonality among everyone here. And we’ve found it’s a commonality among many of our clients too. That’s why we like to say, “we work to live.”

"We help our clients live well because we plan well for them. That’s our core philosophy and drives everything we do." -- Andrew Harris, Founder and President

When you work with Evergreen Wealth Solutions, you're working with a dedicated ensemble of investment advisors who create, implement and manage customized plans designed to help you reach and sustain your financial goals.

We’re passionate about harnessing our experience and expertise to inform and guide you, and help you make the best financial decisions — and often, the most important decisions — of your life. When you work with us, you get all of us.

Learn more about our team, our services and our commitment to helping you Plan well. Live well.